Technical minded Operator for Press Brake Machines

One man started it all

Staermose Industry A/S in Denmark was established in 1979 by a visionary man named Jesper Staermose. Jesper had during his work become acquainted with isolating shields for valves. He contacted the producer of these shields and got the distribution of them. Some years after he also took over the production of the shields, and today the shields are still one of the main products in the company.

During the work with insulation of valves, typically in large hospitals and in compartment associations, our employees were often asked if they could also insulate the heat exchanger, and today Staermose Industry A/S is a permanent subcontractor to a large part of the world market for heat exchanger manufacturers.

“In addition to producing isolating shields, we are also specialized in supplying machined steel sheets, steel constructions, cabinets and more,” the director John Staermose says and continues: “Our strategy and ambition is to grow further with more investments on the way. To be stronger as a subcontractor in the metal industry.”

The position

You will be responsible for the complete work around the press brake machines, all the way from catching the workpaper until finishing the item. It means that you must be able to read and understand technical drawings, quality testing the item before bending, programming and setting up the machine with the right tools, and at the end again quality testing the final item.

“Our typical order series is from 1 to 10 items,” John says with a twinkle in his eye. “Therefore, it is a prerequisite that our employees can work independently and make the right decisions themselves.”

You will be working with 6 colleagues at the evening shift starting at 2:15 PM. Some of our employees work 4 days a week and some 5 days. We are very flexible about this, and also about your preferred total working hours.

We offer

A position in a modern company with a short path from thought to action. Your colleagues are helpful and see you as a teammate in a team that can make things happen and be successful. You will be employed under the industry agreement, which gives you a lot of benefits, and we offer a salary according to qualifications, pension and the option of health insurance.

You will be guaranteed a permanent job being a part of the company’s dedicated employees who all have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. By collaboration and competence development of employees, an efficient and fast flow is ensured. All our employees have great knowledge and understanding of the entire production processes, and they can be moved around in the production as needed. It enables us to make changes quickly, and it also provides us a good working environment where everyone cooperates. It is an advantage for both employees, the company, and the customers.

To ensure a good and attractive workplace, we strive to develop and innovate all stages of the production and at the same time focusing on giving our employees many opportunities. Among other things, our employees have great influence on planning their own work and are often consulted when decisions have to be made.

The company supports initiatives that strengthen the unity between our employees, and for us it is important to attract and retain the best employees. Only in this way we can remain the preferred subcontractor of laser cutting and steel constructions for companies in both Denmark and abroad.

To apply

SMART Rekruttering is taking care of the complete process, and we do not demand a long and time-consuming application. You will only have to answer our questionary. You just have to click on the link below and afterwards press the “Start”-button. It will only take you 10-15 minutes to apply. Quick and simple.

If you have additional questions, you are free to contact Claus Bjerring from SMART Rekruttering by phone +45 51 77 77 69 or by email

You can apply for the position by clicking this link.